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Welcome To Celebrating Your BodyWelcome To Celebrating Your BodyWelcome To Celebrating Your BodyWelcome To Celebrating Your Body

Yoga Is Accessible To All 

Regardless Of Age, Mobility Or Size


Founder: Melanie Jones

Certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Practioner

This all came about through my personal struggles with my body due to a series of accidents and being a person of size.  In 1990, a spiritual awakening brought me to the meditative path of Yoga. However, the physical practice was difficult.  I was uncomfortable in "regular" yoga classes and uncomfortable on standard sized massage tables.  I dealt with huge fluctuations in weight, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and body shame.  I delved into extensive study of the body and the mind.  Learned all about the "isms" that affect the body; societal prejudice and objectification of women's bodies, ageism, weightism, etc.  I became a HAES (Health At Every Size) activist and challenged medical myths regarding obesity. A psychology course in college on "Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Aging" set me on the trajectory to work with the elderly, and those with dementia. I studied Ayurvedic Medicine, nutrition, and the importance of nurturing a healthy relationship with food.  In 2004, I received my Yoga teacher certification through Yoga on Main in Manayunk, PA.  I developed modifications to yoga poses to suit larger bodies, the elderly, and bodies with mobility challenges.  I got certified in Reiki and custom designed a massage table to make it more comfortable for larger bodies.  The greatest overall lesson?  Movement, of mind, body, and spirit in loving gentle ways can effect profound change.



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New workshop! December 6, 2019
Movement of Sacred Sound 
and Gentle Body

New workshop! Dec. 6, 2019

Movement of Sacred Sound

and Gentle Body



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Healing sessions are on a custom built table to accommodate wider more abundant bodies.  Breast recesses in the table allow the spine to be more comfortably aligned when on the belly. 



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